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Hello, I'm Randall Wilk.

I'm a full-stack web developer.

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I develop beautiful and responsive websites

I can take your project from start to finish. I'm more than capable of writing the back-end functions to make your application work, as well as implementing those functions on the front-end of the site and designing it to look amazing. You will find I have all the skills necessary to build your website or web application.

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vue-context provides a simple yet flexible context menu for Vue. It is styled for the standard ul tag, but any menu template can be used.

Laravel Modules

Easily build modular Laravel applications using laravel-modules. Generate and manage modules with the package.

Who I am

I'm a full-stack developer that specializes in Laravel and Vue. Web development is not only my career path, but also my passion and hobby. I'm very detail oriented and strive to make every project I work on to be unique and beautiful on all screen sizes and devices.

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Why I Ditched Wordpress

My switch from Wordpress to Laravel is long overdue and it took the release of Wordpress version 5.0 to really push me into switching.

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